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Welcome to – the platform for open scholarly exchange and collaboration

Sciforum is platform for scholarly exchange and collaboration. It hosts several electronic conferences as well as the websites and abstract/manuscript handling system for physical conferences. Presentations and proceedings articles from the conferences can be freely accessed. Participation in the electronic conferences is also free. Discussions and commenting on presentations and articles are possible only during the e-conferences. Recently the platform was complemented with discussion gorups.

Electronic Conferences

E-conferences enable the benefits of attending conferences to be enjoyed virtually anywhere. Conferences are crucial platforms for scientists to present their work to, and receive feedback from, peers within the research community. Moreover, conferences enable scientists to attend the presentations of other researchers, so as to keep informed with current trends. With, one can collaborate and network on a global scale without traveling. This platform is maintained by MDPI, one of the leading open access publishers.

NEW Discussion and Collaboration Groups

The platform now also supports discussion and collaboration groups. Anyone with a registered account can request a new group. Groups can be closed access (private groups, members are moderated by the group owner) or open access groups (anyone can join and participate with the groups). Each group is linked to a mailing list, meaning that the messages posted online on Sciforum will be distributed to the group members by e-mail on a regular basis.